Your say on your new website

I work for a professional web design company and I have to deal with a lot of clients. To be honest it can be frustrating. It’s your website, you are paying a lot of money for it and if you do or don’t want something on your website then you should be able to tell your web design company. However you must remember that your web design company employs professionals (hopefully). We don’t just throw design ideas in a hat and pull them out to create your website. We place things on the pages in a certain way because there are proven design ideas that tell us where a visitor is likely to pay attention to and what page placement gets ignored.

We use the colors that we use because there are proven colors that influence emotions. Depending on what type of company you have or your purpose for the site some colors may or may not be good for your site. As an example here are some colors effect people’s emotions

“Purple: creativity, mystery, (reddish purple) royalty, mysticism, rarity. Purple is associated with death in Catholic cultures…Blue: loyalty, security, conservatism, tranquility, coldness, sadness. Light blues create a feeling of openness, clean air and freshness, while dark blues can convey tradition, trust and solidity…. White: purity, innocence, cleanliness, truth, peace, coldness, sterility. White is also the color of death in Chinese culture”

Maybe you have particular favorite color and would love to feature it prominently on your website. However it may not have the desired impact on your sites visitors and this is why your designer (who should be aware of these things) doesn’t want to use it.

The way we have people navigate through your site is also based on scientific principles. We had a client who was worried that people may not want to read too much content at one time and so all the pages should have a little teaser text with a read more button in case the visitor was interested. The client did have some sound ideas thinking that people wouldn’t want to be hit with a ton of text on one page. But visitors don’t like to chase content either. The more links you make them click on the more likely they are to get bored and leave your site. They may search Google for a particular term. Then they have to click on your site in the search results. From there they get to your homepage which likely doesn’t have a lot of solid content but rather just an intro to your site. Then they click a link to go to one of the other pages on the site and get a little text but have to click on yet another link to actually view the content they are after. You’re probably getting bored just reading that text. Do you really think that your visitors will keep clicking on links from one page to another trying to chase the information they are looking for?

I don’t do everything I do on a website because I think it looks good. There are times when I use colors or layouts that I don’t like. But I have been doing this for years. I have gone to college for web design and I have read a lot of studies. I know that just because I prefer a certain color or layout doesn’t mean that most people do. I am a very fast reader and I prefer websites with a lot of written content so I can really dive in and learn about the subject. But I know that I’m not the norm on that so I make my websites based on what the target audience will like and not my own preference. If you aren’t a professional web designer you aren’t expected to know as much about these topics as me. If you have a preference on how your site looks good a head and tell me. It’s your right as a paying client. But if I tell you that is not a good idea and explain why then you should seriously consider what I have to say. I’m a pro at this. I know what I’m talking about. If you aren’t a professional web designer and you know more about this topic then me then I’m probably in the wrong field.

So just keep in mind that it’s ok to give an opinion on the site design. But that you are paying professionals a lot of money for a reason. It’s because they are pros who know what they are talking about. Word of mouth is important to most web design companies. They have a financial stake in your website being profitable for you and so they want to make sure it’s as well put together as possible. If they tell you something isn’t a good idea then consider the opinion they have given you.

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