Red River Stainless Name Rings: WordPress Website

This was the first new website we did as a company. Grand Rapids Web Solutions was just a part time job for extra money back then. After doing a few simple edits and improvements to websites that were already published we finally got our first “new” website. There was already a website in existence for a sister company that serviced a different region and this site had to look similar. However, we didn’t have any kind of admin access to the other website to duplicate it. So we had to create a new website from scratch that looked similar and had the ability to sell products and accept payment (ecommerce). One special request was that the site prevents orders below a certain price. We opted to create the new website in WordPress as it is very affordable to add ecommerce functionally to a WordPress website and also very easy for clients to manage their products and view orders.

Work Done:

  • Researched and created company color scheme and brand
  • Created company logo
  • Designed and developed a WordPress ecommerce website with WooCommerce and matched the layout to the companies sister company
  • Added a minimum order requirement to prevent micro orders

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