New Website

You may have noticed that our website has changed. We have been working on a new website since last fall to help us market our Grand Rapids based web design services. However our ever growing client list has kept us very busy and we have been unable to finish our website. One of the downsides to have a nearly perfect client retention record is that even when you put a pause on marketing in order to do internal house keeping, you are still bombarded with requests from existing clients who need additional web development services. Not that this is anything to complain about! However yesterday we finally got enough work done on our new website in order to feel ready to publish it and replace our old website.

We still aren’t finished with the new website, but then again a website really should never be “complete” until you are ready to replace it. So we look forward to tweaking and improving our new website in the coming week and then rolling out some new marketing strategies to take our company to the next level. So stay tuned.

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