Why is my new website built in bootstrap instead of WordPress?

Bootstrap vs WordPress developmentEarlier this week I published my new personal website highlighting my skills and services, especially focusing on my Grand Rapids, MI web development services. If you check out the website you may notice that it isn’t built in WordPress. You may wonder why the lead developer at a WordPress web design company doesn’t even use WordPress for his own website? The truth of the matter is that for starters Grand Rapids Web Solutions isn’t just a WordPress development company. We have experience in a wide range of content management systems (cms). We do love WordPress for a lot of our clients. A lot of them already have experience in WordPress, they often want to add their own blogs and make minor changes without having to pay us for each and every edit, also thanks the wide variety of themes and plugins that are available for little to no cost we can add all kinds of functionality to the website for a very low price. We have true developers who can program, we could create things from scratch. But what would you rather do, have us install a free plugin that takes 2 minutes to setup, or code it from scratch and charge you for a week’s worth of programming? Most of you would take the prebuilt plugin, this keeps the budget down and allows us to only program the essentials that we can’t find elsewhere.

Bootstrap website for John WierengaAll that great stuff about WordPress aside, WordPress isn’t perfect. For starters, a WordPress website stores data in a MySQL database and then pulls it from the database when you need to view a page. This can slow a website down, there are things that you can do to speed up a WordPress website and you really can decrease WordPress loading time by a lot. But you can do the same things to a html based website too. No matter how fast you make your WordPress website it won’t be as fast as a barebones html based website. Now site speed is important, up to a point. There are many other factors to consider as well, as I mentioned above there are many great things about WordPress and these can outweigh the site speed concerns. And that is why I still recommend WordPress for many of my clients (read Why Use WordPress?)

In my case, though my website doesn’t require anything complex like an ecommerce cart or anything else that would take a lot of programming (and therefore be quicker to implement with a WordPress plugin), I’m not going to be adding a lot of new blog posts or any other content and if I do need to make edits that is fine because I am totally comfortable working in html code instead of the text editor interface found on a WordPress site. Therefore I had no need for the powers of WordPress and preferred the quicker loading time of a bootstrap html based website. In this case the advantages of html outweighed the advantages of a content management system. But I still love WordPress, I have a full toolbox of web development tools and like any good builder, I use the correct tool for each job. In this case that was html, maybe in my next project that will be WordPress. Each and every project I do is unique and requires special attention, I never follow a rigid cookie cutter format. Instead I carefully consider the needs of each project and then use my professional experience to craft the right website for that particular client.  This is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. If you need a professional web developer feel free to contact Grand Rapids Web Solutions and see your investment in your website achieve peak returns.

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