Importance of written content on your website

In the early days of the web everything was text based. You couldn’t include videos or fancy graphical elements on your site. This day in age you can include so many more graphically pleasing elements to your website and if it’s nothing but text your visitors are likely to get bored. Adding images and doing videos are hugely important. However it’s still very important to include written content.

For one thing even though many people prefer to watch videos as opposed to reading text, some people will prefer to read. I personally like videos sometimes. However I can read much quicker than most videos are put together. I’m usually in a hurry and I’d rather read something at my rapid pace then to watch a video.

Another reason is that more and more people are browsing the web on mobile devices. While many of these devices do offer great graphical and video display many of them don’t display this as great as a computer. I used to ride a public bus and browse the internet on my phone. I didn’t like to wear earbuds on the bus and I couldn’t hear videos on the bus without them. If a site only had video content then it was worthless to me.

High speed internet connections are becoming more and more popular and the majority of the target audience for the websites that I make do have high speed internet. However not everyone has high speed internet. Depending on the target audience of your site you may find that you actually have a lot of users who don’t have high speed internet.

When I was in college I lived out in the country. I had mobile high speed internet but many times the sped was actually very poor. I had a class where we had to watch a lot of online videos but the site they were hosted on always offered a written transcript of the video. This was very helpful for me.

Something else to consider is search engine optimization. Many people find websites by searching for something on Google. Google will return websites that they think are relevant to the topic searched for. Google basically scans all the written text on the website and uses complex algorithms to determine if the content on the website is going to satisfy the searcher.

Videos on a service like YouTube can be a great addition to your website and actually show up very high on Google when someone searches for the subject that the video is about. But to determine if the video is about the same subject that the searcher is looking for Google can only go by the information that it gets from the videos title and the brief description that goes with the video. Contrast that to a written article where Google can scan all the words in the article.

I strongly recommend making videos and posting them on YouTube to promote your business. But also include a written transcript of your video on your website. Include images if relevant and allow users that can’t view video due to slow internet connections, weak hardware or any other number of reasons to still learn from your website. This will also greatly improve the chances of people finding your site from Google.