Importance of listing inventory on your car sales website

I have written before on the importance of a website to a car dealer. As I stated a website is important for any business. But a car dealership or auto salesperson can have an especially productive website due to the fact that people enjoy shopping for automobiles and actually do it as a hobby. Plus the fact that more and more people now do their shopping on the computer. Even using phones and tablets to shop while on the go.

It goes without saying that in order to take advantage of these trends you need to have a website that actually lists your inventory. I have worked on a website for a car dealer before and the site only had the dealers contact info and bio. This is better then having no website at all. But it doesn’t make use of the great opportunity that you have to take advantage of peoples love of shopping for cars and their ever increasing willingness to do it online. When people are looking for a new car or truck they often get their hear set on something before they even view it in real life. This used to happen by viewing a catalog. But in the 21st century it happens online.

If you want a website that is actually hugely profitable instead of just passable enough to make yourself look like a legitimate business. Then you need to actually list the bulk (if not entirety) of your inventory on your website. Get people hooked on one of your cars and make sure that they actually show up to your dealership. Not only will they come but they will be looking to buy instead of just browsing. It costs only a fraction more to get a website with an easy listings functionality that allows you to add and manage your own inventory. But the payoff is substantially better then a website lacking your inventory.

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