GR Lorem Ipsum Plugin

Here is one of my favorite plugins. As someone who does web design in Grand Rapids I do a lot of development work with placeholder content while we wait for content from the client. I used to use a website to get lorem ipsum placeholder text. It didn’t take a ton of time but all that copying and pasting from the lorem website to my website adds up after awhile.

I decided that I needed a shortcode to quickly add lorem ipsum to a website. There were several out there already but many of them were too powerful and had complicated options or hard to remember shortcodes. The whole point is that I need something quick that will add lorem ipsum placeholder text with an easy to remember intuitive shortcode.

GR Lorem Ipsum Plugin is the best WordPress place holder plugin out there. It’s easy to use. Has no known conflicts with any other plugins and well maintained by the developer. One of the things I really like about it is is you can just add one paragraph (the default if you don’t specify) or you can choose to add two or more. It also randomly picks each paragraph it displays from one of ten options. So it’s simple to use but doesn’t limit you to a set amount of ipsum or use the same paragraph every time. It is a must have for any WordPress developer who has to work with place holder content.