Free SSL Certificates

It used to be that the only sites that needed ssl certificates were certain ecommerce websites. I worked on websites for years and had several hundred web development projects under my belt before I had to install my first ssl certificate. However now Google gives an seo boost to websites that have an ssl certificate. So if you don’t have one then you risk getting listed underneath a competitor that does have one. Furthermore Chrome is now showing insecure messages if you website doesn’t have an ssl certificate, even if your website doesn’t have public logins, process transactions etc…  In other words Chrome will scare of visitors because you don’t have an ssl certificate, even if you otherwise don’t need one. Therefore because of these 2 factors you need an ssl certificate even if you didn’t need one a couple of years ago.


Fortunately you can now get free ssl certificates, and they will work with shared hosting, so there is no need to pay for a dedicated ip like you used to need for an ssl certificate. These certificates will work with all but the oldest computers, will work on may webhosts, are relativity easy to install (ease varies by host).


Add an ssl certificate to your website to boost seo and prevent your visitors from being warned of an insecure website, of contact Grand Rapids Web Solutions to install one at only the cost of labor.

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