Edit Existing Website

Our main focus is designing and developing new websites. When we started this company almost 4 years ago the goal was to be the best web design company in Grand Rapids and ultimately a world wide brand as a premier web marketing agency specializing in designing and developing new websites.

But what if your small business already has a website? Maybe it’s not providing a good return on the money you invested in it, but you don’t have the budget to pay for a new website yet? Don’t fear, we also edit and improve existing websites. Over the years we have fixed many issues and added improvements to websites created by others.

We are often called upon to fix ecommerce sites that aren’t working. Fix responsive issues that cause the site to look poorly on mobile devices. Or to fix hacked WordPress websites. Really the scope of changes you may desire for your website are almost limitless. Is it cheaper to edit your existing website or create a whole new website? Contact us so we can discuss your particular needs and determine the best course of action for you.

Excellence in Web Design

“Whatever you did changed the entire horizon for selling our product and I am so appreciative! Our website has helped in the past, but we have never before had this kind of response! Please continue whatever you’ve been doing – the influx of business is life-giving to our family! Thank you!”

Are you ready make an investment in your business? If you want a new website or help managing your current web presence then you can contact us by phone/text or the submission form.

Phone/Text: 616 426 9321