Canadian Style Deli Food

Are you in the Chicago area and interested in Canadian style deli food? If so then you may want to check out Northern Lights Deli. We have worked with Northern Lights Deli to solve several website issues and create an online food ordering system. We are very excited about this partnership and eagerly awaiting a trip to try out their food.

Check it out if you want:
Poutine: Fries
Poutine: Cous Cous
Smoked Meat Sandwiches

We have done quite a bit of customization to their base WordPress website as well as to WooCommerce to take this popular ecommerce plugin and tweak it to fit the needs of a restaurant. We are currently working on a whole video tutorial series to help web developers master WooCommerce and mold it to fit their needs similar to what we have done here.

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