Therapy Solutions
Website created for a therapist, client had a very specific look and feel that they wanted. It was quite different then our normal style, however we adapted nicely and gave her a very nice looking website based on her desired style.
Flight Plan IA
A clean simple website that we developed at a rock bottom price.
Spirited Autumn Hope
Medium sized ecommerce website that we developed and have maintained. Ecommerce can be a little more complicated then a standard website, however we specialize in developing customized WooCommerce websites built in WordPress.
Jen Hutchings, Ph.D
We migrated an existing site to WordPress and re designed the homepage for an easier to manage website with a more modern look.

GR Cars Online
Demo site we made for a marketing client. Highlighting a great looking car dealership website that would allow the staff to easily manage inventory and display it on the website.
Kimberly Charleston
A custom developed blog/homepage combo that we created for a published author.
Port City Brewery Tour
We needed to create something a little different and unique here. Something that would have some local flair. We did with Port City Brewery Tour
Horizon Learn
We took an existing website that had been hacked and rebuilt it while making significant design improvements. Giving the client a new and better looking website with the same content from their old site.
Karma Kart
Parallax scrolling website for a ride sharing service. We have done multiple projects for this client, he likes visual imagery that focus on the local scenes and maps. We gave him exactly what he was looking for.
Grandville Parade
Fun simple Pro Bono website we knocked out in a day.

Excellence in Web Design

“Thank you for the work you have done. I feel like we just got started to get a real website and it is fun. Our business needs this and our work needs to be seen. Thank you for doing it for us.”

Due to our advanced web development skills we frequently work with marketing companies doing white label web design and development work. Unfortunately this means that many of our projects can’t be publicly listed on our portfolio page as we did the work under someone else’s brand.

However we can usually share our white label work in private correspondence. Feel free to contact us and request to see a private display of our white label web design and development portfolio.

You can contact us by phone/text or the submission form below.

Phone/Text: 616 426 9321