Edit Existing Website

Our main focus is designing and developing new websites. We do this service with clients that currently have no website and also with clients that have existing websites, but want new and improved ones.

However we do also offer services to some clients who already have a website that they want to continue to use but need help editing and maintaining.

If you already have a website and aren’t ready for a new one yet. But you still need some edits or upgrades, then Grand Rapids Web may be able to assist you.

Excellence in Web Design

“Whatever you did changed the entire horizon for selling our product and I am so appreciative! Our website has helped in the past, but we have never before had this kind of response! Please continue whatever you’ve been doing – the influx of business is life-giving to our family! Thank you!”

We improve existing websites built on a variety of platforms including WordPress, Joomla, html, and php. We don’t take on all website “remodel” projects… Many times it is simpler for us and cheaper for you to just start over from scratch with a new cutting edge website instead of trying to muddle through the old website. However there are some cases where we can provide a few simple website edits that go a long way towards improving your site, while taking less time and effort then a new website.

We can’t know if your site is an ideal candidate for our “website facelift” service till we have reviewed your particular project and discussed your needs. If you already have a website that you need improvements on and you aren’t sure if you are ready to pay for a whole new website yet, then feel free to contact us so we can begin discussing your options and see if this service is right for you.

You can contact us by phone/text or the submission form below.

Phone/Text: 616 426 9321