There is a very low entry level to get into web design and development. While this open market leads to very low prices, unfortunately it also leads to a very low quality of work.

There are 2 primary options when it comes to fulfilling your web needs:

Low priced individual

super-computer-nerd-580x348There are people out there with no training or skill who are offering rock bottom priced web design. Any price, even a low one is too much to pay when what you are getting  in return is worthless.

Unlike the typical small time operations we know what we are doing. We have one full time employee, who has 15 years of web design and development experience and a college degree in web development. A real expert, not someone trying to make a quick buck.

High priced web design agency

If you choose an expensive agency. You are paying for their office space, secretary, sales people, and potentially a lot of other things that aren’t relevant to your business.

Grand Rapids Web is a different kind of web design company: unlike the over sized web design agencies we don’t have expensive offices or unneeded employees.We don’t have employees that are only hired to answer phones, there are no family members getting paid just because they are family. We are a slim trim operation.

Grand Rapids Web offers professional quality web design and development services at an affordable price. We have worked with clients all across the United States. We offer services ranging from edits to your existing website, creating you a brand new mobile friendly website, search engine optimization, web hosting and more.

Grand Rapids Web Offers:

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Improving Your Existing Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (seo)
  • Social Media
  • Web Marketing
  • WordPress Plugin and Theme development
  • Written Tutorials

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“Whatever you did changed the entire horizon for selling our product and I am so appreciative! Our website has helped in the past, but we have never before had this kind of response! Please continue whatever you’ve been doing – the influx of business is life-giving to our family! Thank you!”

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    Message From Our Owner

    Most web design companies are focused on building you an aesthetically pleasing website, but not a website that is actually designed around marketing your key products/services. 

    Grand Rapids Web is different. We have one goal in mind, and that goal is creating you an online presence that will increase sales and be profitable

    I have a degree in web development and have done everything from logo design and other graphics work, programing and development, search engine optimization and social media marketing, to project management. But primarily I see myself as an investment adviser, not in the stock market, but rather helping small business owners get the maximum return on the money they invest in their website

    Do you need this feature on your website? Or are we wasting time and money by getting distracted by shiny objects here? There are a lot of “cool” features that we can add to a website, but if these elements aren’t advancing our message or providing a profitable feature then we don’t need to be wasting resources with it.

    I have a goal in mind, to make you money. Every word typed, every image added, every line of code written is done with the furtherance of that goal in mind. 

    John E Wierenga- Owner Grand Rapids Web